The wonder that is LastPass

All it takes is you to be compromised once for you to realize the importance of strong passwords. If your enterprise is anything like mine you will know that password complexity is the ultimate conundrum for IT administrators. If you make the password policy too complex people will simply write it down and attach it to their computer via post it note.  If the password policy is too simple ir leaves your organization vulnerable to attack.

I myself have struggled with making my passwords complex enough but simple enough that I can remember. I have numerous systems and sites that I must log into on a daily basis and creating a individual complex password for each one seemed impossible until I discovered password managers.

Password managers have been around for quite a while but most have lacked user friendliness and most have lived on the desktop. Meaning if your hard drive dies or you forget the master password then you are hooped. I’ve tried several over the years from iKeePass to 1Password on the OSX platfrom and finally ewallet. None of these solutions really did it for me. I wanted a solution that worked cross platform and would sync with my mobile devices. This hasn’t existed until now.

A company out of Virginia called LastPass has created a hosted solution for your desktop, notebook and mobile devices that works with your choice of webbrowser. That’s right friends, you are not limited to using strictly Internet Explorer. LastPass allows you to use passwords up to 20 characters with any degree of complexity including special characters. It stores your passwords using 256 bit AES encryption on their host proof servers. What this means is that the passwords are encrypted locally before being transported across the network. Especially important if you are worried about things like Man in the middle attacks. One of the things I like most about last pass is that it is only $1/month. Even on a lowly Systems Admin salary I can afford a dollar a month.

I highly recommend this product. This product can be ordered directly from the the vendor at