Why Process and Management Matters

One of the challenges for IT folks is we often want to solve organizational problems with technological solutions. We try and approach all kinds of problems with our technological proverbial hammer when often a hammer is not even necessary.

An example problem would be “Our users are pirating software or using free software that loaded with malware”. The simple technological “solution” is that we remove the ability for end users to install software. However, this is just a band aid to much larger organizational issue. Why are the users installing non-approved software? What functional problem are they attempting to solve?

The end result of removing admin access to install software is that it increases the complexity and workload of your environment. All of a sudden the support staff are now inundated with requests to install software. Removing install access may have solved one problem but created a bunch of others.

The problem is not one with the technology but with the process and management and until a proper documented process has been communicated to the end users and the appropriate management functions applied. This will continue to a problem plaguing the organization. Although, the symptoms may have changed.

Over the years, the Microsoft Operations Framework has developed and matured. I recently came across an TechNet article from 2012 that goes over the different phases of the framework.  I have attached a link to the article and a copy of the presentation. I would highly encourage you if you work in the IT or Management sectors to take a look. It changed my thinking on a few concepts..


Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 Foundations